Custom Decal Printing Near Me

Whether you’re hoping to spread a message, set forth Covid-19 reminders, or advertise for your business, finding a low-cost, high ROI way to promote your brand can help to widen your margins and enforce your brand’s success. With custom decal printing, a minimal initial payment can yield a hefty Return On Investment (ROI) in the lifespan of the product. With vibrant, eye-catching options for your car, office window, or smooth-surface floor, your new decal is a great way to send a personalized message to a wide audience.

How Do I Make a Custom Decal?

If you’ve got a logo or message you’d like to share, simply locate a custom decal printer online or in your area. With online vendors, upload a document containing the document you’d like represented and place your order. Keep in mind temporary decals, like those for windows, are recommended for two years or less.

How Do I Get the Most Out of My Decal?

Fortunately, most decals offer a relatively low price point for their impact, and depending on the material, they can last up to two years—especially if you find decal printing with UV-resistant ink! But if you really want to get the most life out of your decal, make sure you apply it to a freshly cleaned surface, smoothing the product outwards from the center to eliminate bubbles.

Are Decals Bad for Your Car?

It won’t do much good to spread your message with a decal if it’s going to damage your car! So, will custom car decals leave a sticky residue and impact your car’s paint job?

Look for car decals that are applied with magnetic, rather than adhesive, backing to ensure your message is received without damaging your vehicle. These are easily applied AND easily removed without negative consequences for your car. (If you’re interested in promoting your brand with a magnetic car decal, click here!)

Can Custom Decals Be Reused?

While it is possible to remove your decal and reapply it somewhere else, it’s generally best to apply your decal in its intended spot and leave it be. If you must reapply your decal, do your best to keep it clean, as accumulated dirt and particulates on the adhesive side can cause bubbling. So, while custom decals can be reused, it is not recommended.

Do Window Decals Go Inside or Outside the Glass?

If you’re planning on placing your decal on glass, you’ll likely be wondering if your decal will be placed inside or outside. This comes down to which side is adhesive. Decals with adhesive on the backside for placing outside on glass are known as first surface decals. If you’d like to place your decal on the inside of your window, the decal will be printed on the cling side; this is known as a second surface decal.

Looking For a Good Place to Put Your Custom Decal?

Whether you opt for a window in your car or office or a smooth floor at your business, make sure the landing spot for your new custom decal is completely clean. (This includes magnetic car door decals, as any debris between the magnet and the door could scratch the paint.)

Looking to transform any blank surface into a medium for your message? Click here to start browsing custom decal options!