Our Story

Founder Marsha Newman grew up loving art and studied throughout her younger school years. Then, while attending the University of Texas, she knew she’d need the skills of running a business, so she graduated with a Finance Degree.  Her first job was to be the 2nd woman bank examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Dallas.  But, her passion for art, design, color and everything that goes with being creative drove her to change her focus.  She knew creativity is in all of our DNA!

Starting the business in 1992 and renting a 600 sq ft space was the beginning.  Making blank banners for sign makers was the rage and the business was born.

Fast forward to 1998, the world of digital printers evolved.  Always changing and staying ahead of the curve, MN grew into a full service digital printing company.  This allowed Newman to open up an expansive expression of art and creativity.

The business through flatbed printing, high tech wide format printers and routing capabilities has truly become an art expression filled by great employees and loyal customers.  What a wonderful life the business has and a true expression of the beauty of art!

We are happy to offer you a look into our creative products.  Or we will create whatever products you imagine.

Together, WE Make Big Things Happen!.  The future belongs to those who create.  Happy shopping!