Christmas in the Summer! Creative and Custom Christmas Ideas.

Christmas In August


It is never too early to start thinking about how you are going to show all your loved ones and even your employees that you care, just in time for the holidays. Here at MN Designs we love to get in the Christmas spirit and prepare gift ideas to help our customers have one less thing to worry about during that crazy time of year.

One gift idea we love to show our customers is our custom acrylic ornaments. Our ornaments are printed on translucent acrylic so they look great in front of the lights on the Christmas tree, because they glow and illuminate the print. This year we are coming out with some more custom designs to choose from. Our custom designs are perfect for a quick gift, we have funny themed ones for a perfect gag gift, or maybe a design that appeals more to the man in the family like the ones that are fishing or hunting themed. All the custom designs are available on the website and at our shop for our local readers or existing customers.

In addition to our funky and fun premade designs, we offer a custom ornament option. With the custom option all you need to do is just send us a family photo, a funny or meaningful quote, or maybe a company logo and we can fit it to our ornament template and just like that, a perfect gift for a loved one or an employee to show your appreciation. We loved seeing throughout the years of selling the ornaments all the companies that decided to use our product for their company gifts.

In addition to our ornaments for personalized gifts we also offer 12×12 metal prints. Last year we asked for photos from some of our customers and made these to show our appreciation, and everyone really loved them.  These prints float off the wall and with vibrant printed inks they make beautiful wall hangings, but they are also small enough for a simple tabletop easel.

Now that you know more of what we offer for gifts, what about what you are going to wrap them in. Maybe you can’t find that perfect wrapping paper for the man in your life because all the options at the store are just too decorative. Maybe you are a company that really want to impress your employees or customers with not only a gift with your logo but the packaging as well, so there is no question as to who appreciates them. If these situations apply to you, you have come to the right place. We sell custom printed wrapping paper and bubble wrap! If you want your corporate gifts to stand out this year, send us your logo and we can take care of the rest, the outside of the package and the inside to protect that acrylic ornament for your loyal customer.

Personalized Custom Printed Christmas Ornaments


(max file size 1 GB)


Our ornaments are made out of 3/16″ translucent acrylic. The high quality inks make the printed image stand out and the translucent acrylic allows light to pass through slightly making it glow on your Christmas tree or from any natural light around. These personalized ornaments are perfect for family gifts, baby’s first Christmas photos, family vacation photos, or personal jokes between loved ones.