Our Most Diverse Product Yet!

As a business owner or event curator do you ever find yourself looking back over all of the promotional purchases you made, and thinking wow! I had no idea I spent that much money this year on signage alone? These things tend to add up pretty quickly and with us all being in a pandemic, situations change quite often. Maybe you had an event planned and had to change the date or maybe your a storefront that is constantly having to change the stickers on your door about current mask and CDC policies. All of this can be quite the annoyance for you and your wallet! Here at M.N. Designs we see this issues and wanted to create a solution that can help all kinds of people!

Introducing our changeable banners! The idea for these banners was flexibility, these banners standardly feature two pockets that are made for interchangeable pieces of corex to be slid in and out of them. What these pieces say is entirely up to you! Maybe you would benefit from them being mask on/off regulations, or possibly current store hours with the pandemic always having us on edge. The banner itself of course is completely customizable and can just say whatever text you wish or display your companies logo! The possibilities are so endless that our team cannot even think of all the different ways to take advantage of them! Sizing of course can be changed and if you just needed a single pocket this is do-able as well. See the attached image for our storefronts current example of the banner.

Here at M.N. we want to always provide the best products that we possibly can and we feel as though many individuals could benefit from one of these changeable banners.

Call or email today to learn more and start planning out your perfect banner.

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